33 thoughts on “Greatest finish to a game ever!

  1. Regardless of the result, Tonga have changed Rugby League forever. From getting paid $30 a game, to selling out Mt Smart, to the chorus and hymns. No other team supports there own like Tongans! We had so much go against us. But our spirit and faith carried the boys through. Mate Ma’a Tonga!!!

  2. Anyone who's reading this comment:you're perfect ,no matter what other people say have a great life everybody.
    I wish you all a good day!!!🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  3. For heavens sake no one is going to watch the finals now that it's going to be England and Australia once again 🙄🙄 We all know England is going to get rushed yet again by the Aussies. Would have been a great game to watch if it had been Tonga instead. 🇹🇴

  4. The final is boring and the stadium looks half full The real team MMT and league fans robbed would have been the best final ever Tonga winning keep building your team Tonga win the next rlwc

  5. Would've been nice to see Tonga in the final, but let's be real here…Aussies would've destroyed Tonga, as they will with England. Just be humble and be happy of making it to the semi-finals. This is just the beginning and it was a great beginning at that…

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