Getting Over It’s IMPOSSIBLE PHYSICS! | The SCIENCE!…of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy


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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is probably the most famous rage-inducing game of 2017, but how does it really work? Seriously, what is the science behind a man stuck in a cauldron lifting himself up a mountain? Austin hunts for the answers in this episode, but it turns out that the SCIENCE of Getting Over It might be quite difficult for him to get over.

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45 thoughts on “Getting Over It’s IMPOSSIBLE PHYSICS! | The SCIENCE!…of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

  1. You know… when this channel turned into the Obvious Fact Channel is when I stopped watching… And that's no mentioning the YoutubeLoganPaulDrama Theory side… Though kudos for a good video in that regard – nailed it imo.

  2. I have no problem with analyzing the physics of a game or tv show, I've done that before.  But I just say that the physics of the world is different from ours.  I haven't seen it but I heard that Dragon Ball Z characters can destroy an entire planet, I'm sure if you did the math to figure out how much energy would be needed to destroy a planet, you would figure out that a human body could not contain that much energy inside itself.  Obviously the world uses different physics.  I hate when people take science and reality too seriously.  Fiction is fiction, and science is science, fiction does not have to listen to science, but it is interesting when it does.

  3. What about gravity? Who says that it equal to earth gravity! He doesn't seem to fall as fast as he would on earth. So the forces needed for the lever are also much smaller, right?

  4. this is one of the dumbest videos i've seen in a while. that game doesn't use lever physics in the slightest. the hammer acts more of an extension of the arm by which the character then pulls them self up. even then though it obviously makes no sense

  5. You do all this work, and you fail to notice that it is NOT just the weight of the man and the cauldron…but the WATER that is clearly in the cauldron as well. The water you can see spilling out whenever he falls or moves fast.

  6. Just how far are you actually throwing your lightsaber in the original Battlefront 2 as darth maul? I'll do part of the work for you. He is canonically 5 feet and 9 inches tall or 1.75 meters.

  7. losing your mind over the logic of a parody game that by design isn't in anyway ground in reality..I don't know whether you're a fool or a genius for giving it that much thought but it was entertaining at any rate.

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