Game Theory: Pokemon GO’s TRAGIC END!


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We all know Pokemon Go, but where IS this game in the Poke-universe? What does it MEAN for the world of Pokemon? Well it turns out that Pokemon Go may just hold the key to answering one of Pokemon’s longest held mysteries – one that has lingered since the very first generation…

This video was sponsored by audible, but as always, the theory’s ALL MINE!

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34 thoughts on “Game Theory: Pokemon GO’s TRAGIC END!

  1. I have on problem what would you have to say about the names of the perfesers like it has to be the biome rite the think about the shape and colors and the thing about that picture it self blue and yellow look like a resistance of some kind but strong very strong read looks like it's educated symbol of strength and what does red wont is better things to fight like ok yellow and blue are peace full and yet very strong but blue is stronger by on thing they are a tad on the make your cool pokamon side just look at Red and blue they look like they breaded there's but yellow looks like the original Pokémon so I gess what happened is red was try new things but got more let's say they like there candy alot so blue sail that it was worse so the said it's ok to bread but this is gone to far so they whet with the yellow who thought it was bad to do all the stuff they're doing so it's a war goes one they sine a peace treaty and they don't make the candy but red group drum rolled please is team rocket and they show similar trats like wants the better Pokémon so you see now what happened and my thoughts

    SOOOOOOO SORRY but I'm only 11 and my grammer is awful but there you go an Pokémon go 2 is the war about Pokémon rights and basically animal cruelty

  2. My loved mat, theres a Little problem with being the proffessor the Master trainer: The proffessor gots Brown eyes while the Master trainer eyes are dark as coal , I dont say your theory is debunked but just that part does not really Works .-.

  3. I disagree with this theory I will explain, in pokemon ultra sun in the rainbow rocket episode Giovanni summons the villains from other dimensions the villains mention how they were in the middle of their schemes, so no timeline. Pokemon go could be another dimension, but then why was no one summoned from there? Simple, there is no villain. It could be just a dimension with a different age of time and geography for berries. The rare candy issue could be dimension laws… so that's what I think.

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