Game Theory: Petscop – The Scariest Game You’ll NEVER Play!


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Petscop, is a seemingly harmless, PS One game that never made it to market. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find there is no game. Just fake let’s plays, of a fake game, telling a very REAL and traumatic story. Be warned, today’s theory covers some pretty heavy topics, including child neglect and murder. Viewer discretion is advised.

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23 thoughts on “Game Theory: Petscop – The Scariest Game You’ll NEVER Play!

  1. y les dire si fuera asi el juego no te lo dara facil de descubrir por eso puede ser el año 1997 para no dar facil la historia de candace pero y si el juego no se sabe cuando lo dejaron de terminar como se sabe en que año siguieron

  2. hey amigos el juego fue creado en 1997 pero lo de candace fue en el 2000 y si el juego fue creado para algo pero por alguna razon alguien lo cambio con el codigo si garalina le metio mas contenido atravez de su codigo y se desbloquea con el codigo como los comandos pero en vez de sacarse de internet esta en el codigo del juego y se saca con el codigo de polx es algo muy estraño leanlo.hey friends the game was created in 1997 but the candace was in 2000 and if the game was created for something but for some reason someone changed it with the code if garalina got more content through its code and unlocked with the code like the commands but instead of being taken from the internet is in the code of the game and is taken out with the polx code is very it

  3. Matpat, at the moment, you are the physical embodiment of pure, unadulterated cancer.

    I hope you one day come to the point of genuinely asking yourself: "Did I even try with Petscop? When was the last time I tried?"

  4. T-they should of t-thought o-of the rebirthing b-before, as in they should of thought it through be-cause.. poor Candice.. they should of thought of: pressure and suffocation. Very deadly things. And now because of the imbecile idea s-she doesn't get too live on. But why WAS she taken away from her home?

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