Game Theory: My Fan Game is a CRIME?!


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We live in an age of gaming where fans of a franchise can easily spin off their own games and post them for others to play. And it’s AWESOME! Some of the best games I’ve played in the last year have been made by fans. And yet, as we’ve seen recently with Pokemon Uranium and Another Metroid 3 Remake…the original companies might not be so thrilled this is happening. And all of this is beginning to call up some…difficult…legal questions. So today, I’m asking the question “When is a fan game TRULY a fan game?” The answer to that question has changed A LOT recently…and it could produce some truly scary results.

For more information on these court cases check out this article:

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24 thoughts on “Game Theory: My Fan Game is a CRIME?!

  1. In the first scene, where he is sitting next to his computer, the picture in the back says "hidden message" in atbash cipher and i didn't see anybody commenting about it so that's why i do it a year later

  2. I heard MatPat managed to escape prison and make games called Bluigi's Mansion(Where Bluigi works together with Alvin Badd to free Bario from an IPhone picture) and Donkey Dong(Where Bario has to save his friend Paul from a Gigantic donkey).

  3. i read the title wrong and somehow i thought this was gonna be abotu the fan from fnaf. DONT ASK WHY I THOUGHT THAT!! (but to tell the truth i've been watching too many fnaf theorys and gameplays cough matpat and markiplier cough

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