Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)


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We’ve come a long way Theorists. Today, I am DETERMINED to put together the complete and FINAL timeline for Five Nights at Freddy’s. From beginning to end, first bight to burning everything to dust – this is IT! Join me Theorists, as we finish FNAF once and for all!

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03:20 Credit to Squidetor for the use of his Fredbear Model:

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33 thoughts on “Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)


    I've noticed that in FNAF 3 the "Happiest Day" minigame, you can see Happy Frog and Pigpatch in the same table, Mr. Hippo and a blue-bear animatronic (it could be Nedd Bear) and finally you see Orville by himself. In FNAF UCN you can get these voicelines:

    Happy Frog: We've only just begun, I will never let you leave, I will never let you rest.

    Orville Elephant: He tried to release you! He tried to release us! But I'm not gonna let that happen! I'll hold you here, I'll keep you here! No matter how many times… they burn us.

    Nedd Bear: This how it feels, and you get to experience it over and over and over again… forever. I will never let you leave

    In FNAF 3, there is exactly 6 minigames and in each minigame, you give a cake to a crying child. 5 minigames = 5 cakes right?

    So that means those 5 cakes were given to Happy Frog, Pigpatch, Mr. Hippo, Nedd Bear and Orville Elephant. But in the 6th minigame, you play as the puppet and finally giving cake to the real crying child (Golden Freddy). ** DON'T FORGET THAT THIS IS JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY! **

  2. Am I the only one who's noticed this – In the book, the spirit says "do you remember your name?" and because 'Mike' is written in the front, everyone's like "well duh, he obvoiusly remembers his name'. But throughout the whole book, the only person who writes or draws in the book with red pen is Mike, and Mike's name is crossed out with red pen, not black. Because black is the colour of the pen on the post-it note on the same page, this suggests that Mike crossed his own name out, maybe because he now doubts that his name is Mike after the spirit asks him if he remembers his name. It's probably already been noticed, and probably a stupid idea, but just thought I'd throw it out there 🙂

  3. Quick question…During the "we're still here for you" part at 19:40…why is Foxxy's beheaded suit disappearing? While in Cutscene, i might add?
    Doesn't make sense to me, maybe important since almost everything seems to be important and not random with FNAF anf Scott's way of doing things, but hey…was just seeing this and was the first time i actually realised this happening.

    Can someone help explain why is that? Can't be editing, because it's too good of a cut out and it wouldn't make sense for MattPat to cut out Foxxy from a cutscene in the game for no reason with that effort.
    Somebody care to get me updated if this was already talked about?

    Thank you very much.

  4. Hey Matt, if your in need for an editor or few, my university is looking for more partners willing to hire people for free internships. If you are interested, contact Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and ask for the businesses office.

  5. I can prove that nightmare puppet is Canon, if you brighten up the games screen at some point when you see Chica in the hallway you see puppet in the window,So that means The crying child Saw the puppet in the window and is now terrified of it. I hope that makes sense.

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