Game Theory: FNAF, Four Games. One Story. And FNAF Theory Talkback!


Video STARTS at 0:27. It’s the first LIVE episode of Game Theory, where we outline the FINAL timeline for Five Nights at Freddy’s and then join up with Dawko, Razzbowski, Smike, and 8-Bit Gaming to put a close on the last year of FNAF.

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43 thoughts on “Game Theory: FNAF, Four Games. One Story. And FNAF Theory Talkback!

  1. 4:14 Based on The Silver Eyes, isn't that Charlie's brother? She told us that her brother going missing was the first 'incident' and that it also happened at the orignal location. ie the Fredbear Family Diner. The thing I'm confused about is that in the book, he was taken from the spare parts closet and this one he was outside.

  2. Maybe the security guard in Freadbear's Family Diner is the crying child's dad,and when his dad got killed by the golden animatronics,the child got traumatized causing him to fear the yellow suits.The golden animatronics could be possessed by children that the crying child did not know and was not friends with.

  3. Week two, day eight,
    I can barely stand the pain, why couldn’t I have been first, you know me, you know I hate this, K I L L M E.
    P L E A S E.
    Sincerely, don’t leave me.
    Week two chapters quote

  4. Even though I am years late, I know who the puppet would be on the dream theory. The puppet is the one that brings life to the animatronics so, the puppet could represent the man who wears the suits or even a mechanic who isn’t shown in the game but, it would be used at least once and the kid could have seen it.
    Away from my theory, you are an amazing theorist and my favourite.

  5. I heard you talking about fnaf and YouTube, and, what if there's like, a fnaf fan game where you're, instead of checking cameras and stuff you're editing a video and your desktop is haunted and stuff keeps like appearing in the video and you have to edit it out & stuff. I'm not gonna make this. This is a free idea.

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