Game of Zones – S5E8: Unknown Sorcery (FINALE)


Drake invades Game of Zones to toast the Raptors and…burner ravens???


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38 thoughts on “Game of Zones – S5E8: Unknown Sorcery (FINALE)

  1. Okay, I give it up. Bleacher report is too good. They literally gave Lebron/Drake three teeth on one side and five on the other side to represent his finals record. WOW.

  2. lol wow this is one of the funniest episode so far, can’t wait for brand new episodes to come when the new season 2018-2019 begins on Thursday nights , what is that weird pink color monster eating with the Raptors team players ?

  3. I see why Greg pop came to Brad Stevens and said "spurs of the east." It could possibly be because of the trade rumor with Kawhi Leonard to the Celtics and according to game of zones, Kawhi is going to Boston. I know it might not be true but that's just my idea.

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