Game Of Thrones Season 8 Release Date and Character Predictions


Game Of Thrones Season 8 Release Date, Character Predictions, Ser Davos Interview, Sophie Turner Sansa Stark and Missandei Theory ►
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50 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Season 8 Release Date and Character Predictions

  1. Will the 3 dragons fate mirror the destinies of their human counterparts? Viserys/Viserion both "betray" Dany & go against her. Will Drogon kill Viserion? Will Rhaegal die in battle like Prince Rhaegar but leave behind eggs/offspring like he left Jon?

    Thanks for posting! Love your videos!

  2. If Gendry and Arya end up together… Since he is a bastard… Will their child pick up the stark name? Bran does not look like he will be having any kids and it might be the only way to keep that name going.

  3. Excellent video, Charlie. Wow! Each episode of Season 8 is going to be feature length? Or will they be two part episodes? I can't imagine Missandei not being at Daenerys' side. Intriguing.

  4. you keep pairing Jaime and breanne….NOOOOOO I want to see her with tormound. she'll finally feel like a lady next to him (: I love the looks he gives her and how he brought her up on the way to the lake scene. he's like a schoolboy lolllll

  5. If she’s pregnant, it doesn’t matter they end up together. They hinted that in the witch said I’d never have a baby again conversation.

  6. Oh no! I hope 'she' isn't dead! ('She' …trying not to give spoilers for any who skip the video!) It makes a lot of sense why it's going to take so long from the production and script standpoints, but I agree with you that I highly doubt it's to wait for GRRM to finish the next book (although it not coming out until 2019 as well saddens me.) Can't rush creativity though seems to be the GoT theme! I'm okay with that 😛

  7. I know it’s sort of late and they turned away from it. But it would be still be awesome if Dany becomes the “mad queen” and ends up being a bad guy. Especially after finding out Jon could pose a threat to her claim.

  8. Are we ever going to get Wind of Winter? You also said he didn't want them to do Dunk and Egg – is he ever going to release any more little novellas on their series???

  9. Great video! Hmmm. It’s tough with all the content they will be putting out. Part of me doesn’t want to know anything. But it’s so tough! Haha. Thanks Charlie 👍🏼

  10. A name, it is amazing how names carry power. We see by the name change if Jon Snow that is real name carries his true birth right and the power of a Kingdom. We should all look and see what the meaning of our own names carry.

  11. I wanted to point out a few things about Cercie (queen C) and Daineyries (queen D) :
    First- have you noticed that every time that queen D was publicly naked- she got more powerful, and on the other hand- queen C was naked publicly only once- a thing that shamed her and made her powerless…
    Another thing- every time queen D wins she gets more braids- right? Well, queen C stays with her short ugly hair even though a lot of time passes by and she did won some battelles… didn't she?
    Both had three children- queen D had 3 dragons and lost her first child. Well, queen C had a first child (to Robert) and he died, and then had 3 other children.
    Can you make a video about them? 😊

  12. I believe Missendei is left at DragonStone. Has anyone of you seen her at the ship on the way to White Harbor? Dany doesn't "need" since she has Jon next to her now. That's my Theory.

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