Game of Thrones Season 7 Promo: “Reign”


Synopsis: “Rain fire. Rain ice. Reign.” (FAN-MADE)

NOTE: FAN-MADE, NOT REAL, all made for fun! SONGS: “Horizon Chasers,” Conquest by: Confidential MX and “Raining Fire,” by: Sons of Pythagoras.

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“I’ll never leave my son.”
“You’re surrounded by enemies, thousands of them. You’re going to kill them all by yourself?”
“Terrible things happen for a reason.”
“I stand before you not only as your Queen…I come to you with great humility.”
“The equilibrium of the world must be maintained. Do you understand?”
“This…is real.”
“You’re hard to kill.”
“What we have to do is kill each other at some point.”
“When the time comes…your death will be quick.”
“Why? Why follow her?”
“Because she was beautiful…and real.”
“These are God’s gifts to us. These are his words. And these fine men his ambassadors.”
“There is no God.”
“You’re a Targaryen.”

Disclaimer: All music, clips, animations, overlays, textures, photos, etc. belong to all respective artists. Absolutely NO copyright infringement intended. This video is not in any way used to gain a profit. It was just made for fun! I own nothing.

35 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 7 Promo: “Reign”

  1. Ice= Jon. With the houses of the north aligned with him. Blood= Cersei. With the Onion Knight aligned with her, and with Jamie soon to turn on her. Fire= Danerys. With the Ironborn aligned with her. But who do the Martells, the Tullys, the Tyells of Hightower, and Robin of the Vale align themselves with again? I ask about Robin because, how long can that be maintained? Is Sansa to marry Petyr or Robin to secure the Vale permanently? And I forget who the other houses are aligned with; someone please remind me. Thanks.

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