Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer (HD)


The official trailer for Game of Thrones Season 5 – premiering April 12th on HBO!

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48 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer (HD)

  1. truth?! waste of fukin time after Season4. i tell you why. ✯ ✮ ★ 🔴 ★ ✮ ✯
    dont be a mistake, its the BEST serial-movie of the times until Now, but have disappointed things which could be better easily but dont…
    seasons 1-4 was better than next, especially S4-E10. "low nonsense talking events, and more dramatic actions"
    BUT i think you writers are a bit RACIST AGAINST THE WHITE CHARACTERS ! and you like to waste people times by boring talking scenes around the "sam and friends..!"(friends=the boring characters like him) OR by wiping the good characters too fast!?! why ?!! is it about a budget or some..?!
    likes """ killing a john snow northest lover chick! OR CHANGING THE fukin mother of dragons LOVER CHARACTER from blond to black! without any reasons.. just sayin WTF when i saw him in the next episode!! OR even killing the poor boy call Drogo too fast..)) or other negative points and weak in the story..
    i just wondered WHY the imdb noob excited viewers give it a score 9.5 ! with this "minimum storyline quality"!!

    or covering the storyline weakness by wasting the episode times by showing a -18 scenes like a porno!

    i wasnt an excited fan of the serials who followed from the first episode and waiting for future episodes like others who have just seen one episode in the month and be happy!! nope, i just finish it the whole packs in 3 days. AND I KEEPING MY EYES HEALTHY BY THE SEEKING and SKIPPING THE WASTE OF TIME SCENEs !!))
    actually, i hate everything that the most of the people likes! cause i have a special taste, unlike others.

    so your serial is about 8.5 in my opinion(6.5 for storyline +2 for music), not a fuking 9.5 ! we have not a more than 9 rated movie-serials in the world YET..! {if i want to be rating in the reality! not fukin imdb}

  2. I just cannot stop watching this trailer, this show is so damn good I like to think of it as a drug that I simply cannot put down no matter how much I should. I need to go out and get the books! This is TV at its fines! Cercei you will be put to death and I want Little Finger to get skewered by sweet little badass Arya or Sanza. And Sam you are awesome!

  3. Here are two things I really like about the game of thrones one is that we can almost see every woman in this series naked and the second is there is no main characters in this series so anyone can die at any point of the time no guarantee I like it

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