39 thoughts on “Game Dev Tycoon

  1. I couldn't have been the only one waiting for Kill Butt 3: 3 meets Wild Wild Smiff 2? By far the most hyped I've ever been for a game, almost has hyped as Beaverball Hooker Fuck. But damn, it's a shame that Paul Creenis blew his fuckin head off before either game was finished. In the words of that amazing creator, they would've been "MASTAPEECES"

  2. In my opinion Kill Butt is overrated. Wild wild Smiff is pretty good too, but Hooker Fucker is my favorite game by Paul Beevis. It's such a shame he quit before making a sequel.

  3. Kill Butt 2 was great in gameplay and hardware for it's time… Too bad everything else was boring. In my opinion Hooker Fucker was ahead of it's time. And my all time favorite Paul Beenis game. Paul Creenis is even better than John Romero.

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