42 thoughts on “Game Critics

  1. I hate when I see critics calling a game "too hard" especially since they never got through the game. It really bothers me when people talk about games and instantly shit on them even though they've BARELY played. Ugh.

  2. Game Critics' Response to this video: "Yeah I haven't even watched this video but I know that this guy is uninformed and a piece of shit and I hope YT deletes his channel because anyone who criticizes the media should be put to death."

  3. Dunkey, we all love that you keep real when you review a game, lots of people don't appreciate the realism of giving an honest review. Its funny, its entertaining, its good i watched the podcast and i know it takes a long time to make the content. We all appreciate, the work you do its good to point that critics are not honest, a lot of them anyways and its great that you consistently provide content that is honest or at least absolutely hilarious. You're so god damn funny, please keep making content and always keep doing those honest reviews, we need people like that to review our games that we consider in the future or want to buy.

  4. ill put it out i trust you to review games.
    when i saw your review of Andromeda i really didnt want to even experience it because the original 3 despite the ending blowing without the fan theories i loved the whole roller coaster it takes you on. good critic, keep it up

  5. He was like "I hate when people say I'm not listening to you cause you said blank was bad" then he showed all the stuff armond white said was bad I was like "YOU THINK PULP FICTION AND TOY STORY 3 WERE BAD??!?!??!!??? FUCK YOU ARMOND WHITE, NEVER AGAIN"

  6. As everyone knows, video game critics are driven by two things: Merchandising and money.
    It saddens me that this system is overpowering and overshadowing actually good gaming companies.
    This doesn't cause good competition.. It only creates saturated material… Competition is a good thing for industry… Forces them to create nice and awesome results.
    But we are very lucky that human mind is cunning and every now and then you see a dastardly good game.
    I think we don't need those paid actors to tell us which game to play.

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