Game Controllers! with James Rolfe & Mike Matei


James Rolfe and Mike Matei have a casual discussion about Retro game controllers! NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and more! (We did this a long while back)
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44 thoughts on “Game Controllers! with James Rolfe & Mike Matei

  1. The original Xbox controller was massive, like the Jaguar controller. Though the Jag controller was actually comfortable. The 360's was a great improvement aside from the D-pad, that thing was awful, one of the worst d-pads ever. XboxOne's controller is the best of the xboxes. Personal favorites are probably the PS4, XboxOne, GameCube and SNES. For some reason I also really liked the original Panasonic 3DO controllers. They felt solid and well-made. Metroid Prime on GC was fantastic with the GC controller, but I hated playing Metroid Prime 3 with Wii motion controls. Original Saturn controllers were kinda weird, but I liked the second version, as well as the Dreamcast ones. The NUON controllers were pretty bad!

  2. that xbox controller wasnt the original. you showed the "s" controller, which i actually like best, even more than the 360 one. the huge brick you are thinking of is the "duke" which is what the xbox launched with and was just shockingly big. it was quickly replaced by the "s" type.
    ps one didnt start with joysticks, but the dual shock later came out, then it was identical on the ps2, the only difference to the ps3 was the l2 and r2 buttons become more like triggers.
    the classic controller for the wii was a nice option, but a gamecube controller was pretty much required for virtual console.
    as for the batteries battery packs with a docking station are an ok option but ive had the best results with just buying some quality enloop batteries. my controllers often sit for a long time and all my ones with docking station packs and even my 360 charge and play battery crapped out, but the wii controllers with enloop batteries are still good.

  3. I'm not much of a gamer, but I agree that the PS2 controller is one of the best. I like it so much that I actually bought an adapter that lets me connect my PS2 controller to my computer through USB so I can use it with PC games and emulators.

  4. that's a PS3 controller, not a PS2 controller. You can see the home button in the middle of the controller, which was not a feature on the PS2. The controllers are pretty much the same though. The PS2 controller is just heavier.

  5. i dont like that the grips of the PS4 Controller are thick at the end.
    My hand uptight with this Controle after i played long , till i cant use my index finger to serve the triggerbuttons, bacause of pain.
    If i still want to play the round to the end than i have to hold the Pad with the ring finger and use the middelfinger to serve the triggerbuttons.
    Even i had no problems since 20 years on Playstationsystems wih the older Controlers.

  6. I wanted to add a comment about the wico controller. Thank you for talking about them my father worked for the company for almost twenty years and I got to try out a bunch of these controllers. The company started as a slot machine company and then went into gaming and vending. There is a controller they put out for the Atari called the urgo stick that you guys need to try it was rated as one of the best controllers for Atari of all time

  7. How do you guys feel about the switch joycons or pro controller now that it's been out for awhile? I personaly love all the options and they work really well in that sense more so than the wii.

  8. Mike alluded to it a couple of times but the biggest flaw of the 5200 joystick was that the stick wasn't self centering. If you let go of a PS, XBOX, or Nintendo stick it moves back to the middle. If you let go of a 5200 stick the stick will stay where it is and Pac-Man or Dig Dug will continue travelling in the same direction.

  9. The Nes Advantage has two ports if both players wanted to use it, that’s what the player switch is for, they’d pass the controller. Obviously this was designed for arcade games like Pac-Man where one player plays at a time.

  10. This video has a lot of inaccurate statements. Sorry, I normally woudn't pipe up but this really bugged me:

    1. The Wii U adapter only works for Smash, and not other Wii U games. It supposedly works on the Switch for all games though as it is just recognized as a USB controller.
    2. The original Xbox controller you have in the video isn't the original Duke controller. You are holding the redesigned original Xbox controller
    3. You held up a Wii U Pro Controller when talking about the Wii Classic Controllers. They are not the same.
    4. The original Playstation controller didn't have analog sticks.
    5. You repeatedly held up a PS3 controller and called it a PS2 controller.
    6. The NES Advantage has two plugs because it has a switch on it for being Controller 1 or Controller 2. It is not required to have them both plugged in for basic functionality.
    7. The NES Advantage and Genesis arcade controllers are designed for being placed on a table top for arcade-style games. You don't hold them in your hands, and I'm not quite sure why you thought that.

  11. I have to agree about the Gamecube controller it was very comfortable to hold and handle. and the triggers felt so natural. I'm surprised that they or anyone else considered the pressure sensitive triggers in modern tech even to this day.

  12. Big Change from PS1 to PS2 DualShock, all of the buttons (except for the Analog mode, start, select, L3 and R3 buttons) were readable as analog values (pressure-sensitive).

  13. They make a Gamecube Dongle for the PC, also works for Switch as well. Also the Joycons are amazing with their rumble feature. Hold the controllers and if the game rumbles, you can put them down and they stop rumbling. Pick them back up and they'll go back to rumbling

  14. Reason for 2 controller ports on the NES Advantage was to switch between player 1 and player 2. So if you wanted to pass the NES Advantage off, there's a switch that you switched to 2P and then the 2nd player would play.

  15. On the N64 controller, there is the ability to play in a left handed position I think in some games. which you play the thunb stick with your left hand and the D-Pad would then mimic the C-Buttons

  16. I don't get it. How can they market those replacements as 5200 controllers when they clearly don't have enough buttons to replace the full functionality of the original?

  17. The explanation for the B and A on the Nintendo product it is because a simple error they just never corrected because was to late to do it on later controllers even on the wii classic controller. In Japan they read from Right to Left. They forgot for a moment about our reading in America.

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