Game 2: The Good and the Bad from Johnny Manziel’s 2nd Preseason Game


Here’s a look at some of the good, and some of the not so good plays from Johnny Manziel’s 2nd game as a Hamilton Tiger-Cat. He finished 12 for 20 with 88 yards and a touchdown.

46 thoughts on “Game 2: The Good and the Bad from Johnny Manziel’s 2nd Preseason Game

  1. Manziel was a product of Texas A&M having Joeckel, Matthews blocking for him and Mike Evans catching his passes. Dual-threat QBs are a college gimmick and NFL defenses are catching on. Where is Cam Newton? Where is Winston? How many of those dual-threat QBs can actually go all the way and win games that matter?

  2. He's late on almost every throw, waiting for guys to be open. The passes float a lot and he can't pinpoint when throwing down field. Not even close to be a NFL backup QB

  3. Feel like he could be a lot more exciting to watch in the CFL especially in the system he’s in. It’s basically a glorified college style offense, tons of checkdowns and RPO’s. Dude should be set up to succeed

  4. It's going to take a while before he gets comfortable throwing against an actual pass rush, but I think it was a good showing for someone who has been out of football for this long. You can tell he's nervous and he has developed a really bad habit of opening his body up to throw while in the pocket without keeping his feet under him. It's causing his arm to drag behind him which leads to inaccurate throws and the ball will sail like at 1:55. His footwork will clean up over the next few weeks, but it's cool to see he still has a good deal of athleticism and arm strength to this point. Hoping he can go on to have a productive career whether it's in the CFL or NFL.

  5. Some of y'all are trying to break him down like you're Mel kiper haha… easy. Dude has been out of it for a couple years and this is just his second CFL (different game up there) preseason game. All things considering, I think he looked pretty good

  6. I was against Manzeil in college and in the NFL mainly because of his party habits, but as a player I want him to do well because of his unmatched playmaking abilities. If he can stay clean as a person I hope he thrives in his football career, whether that be in the NFL or CFL

  7. Y'all really think he's making an NFL comeback???? Lol. He stares down his targets and runs when that doesn't work out…. even Vick had to learn to scan. He's ok, but not worth the trouble.

  8. He ain’t making it back to the NFL or if he does he’s never coming off the bench. His release is horrible, his arm isn’t that good, and he is not accurate at all. All he can do is scramble but that doesn’t work well once you get past college.

  9. He's even a ball hog over there yo. He doesnt trust his team and why he will never be a great player anywhere he goes. Cause he wants all the fame to himself. There were plenty of options when he was sacked that he had 2 to 3 wr open but instead of throwing it, he held onto it an tried out running to show off. Horrible QB foreal.

  10. Johnny manziel with his first td pass of the season amazing!!! Johnny manziel is back 2018!!! Go Manziel Go!!! I 🖤 #2 Johnny Manziel!!! he is the new redemption story of Michael Vick but even more elaborate!!! this is so much better than he was in Cleveland!!!

  11. He looks good. I'm an American living in Canada and I prefer the NFL my favorite sport but last couple years I've been watching the CFL it's very high level just a different game. Hoping he makes it here by no guarantee does that mean he'll be back in the NFL but at least if he stays out of trouble he can still make some decent coin up here playing quarterback

  12. Sadly, its over for Johnny. He cant stretch the field and he cant work the middle. Throwing outs while rolling to a sideline and tossing check downs wont do it. I dont see a film case here to sign him v. some hungry kid fresh out of school who wont charge me the league minimum. His best days are behind him. I hope I am wrong.

  13. honestly came into this thought he was gonna have great plays and style ans accuracy, but what I saw was a very average out of college undrafted quarter back with some footwork skills

  14. Hahaha, look at all of these insecure and defensive Canadian brats. So mad because yet another American is going to dominate in “their” league. I’m pretty sure every star qb is American, or every starting one almost. Last I checked at least. The most recognizable guys in the CFL are American, with the exception of a few Canadian ones here and there. But please, stop hating. Because behind him, come hundreds more of Americans ready to own your little maple leaf league. Funny part is, you guys have rule that only allows teams to have a certain amount of internationals (Americans) on your teams, yet most starters are American hahahaha. Even your coaches are Americans for the most part.

  15. Manziels problem is that he wants to extend the plays more than they should be which buys more time for db’s to cover and his main intention is to throw it but he scrambles and you can’t always scramble in the NFL

  16. The quality of WR is very underwhelming compared to what Jonny had in Cle and even Tex am. I see why June Jones is callin quick screen plays. Those guy can’t create any seperation downfield

  17. Good for him. He's looking pretty decent in these few plays. He seems a little anxious in the pocket but thats cuz he's excited to play but once he relaxes he's gonna be pretty damn good I would say

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