42 thoughts on “Donald Trump at 2018 College Football Championship Game

  1. So why are people saying that the boos were deafening? I heard some boos, but definitely not more than the cheers. I doubt the network would go out of their way to edit out the boos for Trump. Unless this isn't the original audio, then the left really needs to get its act together. Enough talking about how everyone hates Trump, it didn't work in 2016, it wont work in 2020.

  2. Trump is suffering some sort of neurological problems. Look how he rocked and swayed like a schizophrenic person
    in an attempt to achieve stasis. Also the constant rocking that is evident in Trump is common among people with autism spectrum disorder.

    Look at his movements during the anthem and in most public appearances when he not hiding behind a desk and tell me what the hell is going on there? The American people have a right to know.

  3. I love this! Wish the entire Anthem was in the video though. What a proud moment in our home, seeing our President stride on to the field!! I'm grateful to have a strong, patriotic leader in the White House again.

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