Does John Conway hate his Game of Life?


John H Conway on his love/hate relationship with his most “famous” invention.
More on how he invented it at:
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31 thoughts on “Does John Conway hate his Game of Life?

  1. This game was on my first computer as a child. I had no idea how it worked or what the program was for. I just knew it moved pixels around in clever ways I didn't understand. Now I know.

  2. How to make a infinite loop(You have to do the whole thing to understand it.)
    Step 1:Do step 1 again.
    Step 2:(If you got here, you are cheating) Do step 1
    Step 3:(You really can't get here.)Like this comment and do step 3 again.

  3. He could realize how many young people he's captivated with it. People who might have gone on to more useful math by being hooked by the game of life. As a young person, the game of life was very inspiring to me as dynamic and visible view into a an algorithm, that's simple in rules, but more complex in operation

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