Defender of The Crown – Game Grumps


It’s up to one YouTube “comedy” duo to defend the crown.
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45 thoughts on “Defender of The Crown – Game Grumps

  1. This comment is here to remind you that Arin and Dan and the other Grumps are working their asses off for us. I'm not playing violins here, I'm telling you their sheer workload should be reason enough to treat them with respect. Thank you.

  2. I'm going to settle all my disputes by screaming "I CALL A TOURNAMENT" and having everyone walk away from me because I'm weird and talk in Game Grumps references

  3. Arin 5 gold is 500 silver or 50,000 coppers if a loaf of bread and drink cost 2 copper and rent is 3 copper then 5 gold will buy a lot. I remember in one dnd campaign one of our members rolled nat 20 on looking for useful stuff then another nat 20 found a chest of gold nat 20 AGAIN on the amount we now had too much gold for the world to handle and choose to be conservative with it only investing it in huge things like an airship

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