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Counting Numbers Android Educational App is a maths app for Kids.Hello Children!!! Check this Counting Maths Game for Kids by Classteacher Learning Systems.

How does help the preschoolers, children and kids?

This ‘Count Numbers’ game teaches children to recognize and write numbers 1- 10, understand missing numbers, greater smaller, and more. This maths app is designed for preschoolers with beautiful graphics and amusing sounds. Kids can play with this without any help. Not only this, Kids will also learn basic math skills in a fun way.
This maths app gives them a chance to excel as many skills enlisted below:

★★ Learn Counting ★★
For learning the mathematical number concepts, it is important to learn counting and be able to relate to your environment. When you click on any number, the same number of characters appears for best possible understanding.

★★ Write Numbers ★★
This app assists you how to write. You need to drag the cursor along the dotted lines to complete the numbers.

★★ Missing Numbers ★★
Missing numbers allow you to practice by filling missing numbers from the patterns given.

★★ Number Names ★★
It is of utmost importance to know the numbers names. This mathematical activity first introduces all the number names and then comes the activity to test and reinforce that learning.

★★ Connect Dot ★★
A dot to dot game for kids. This maths app presents a series of puzzles for the preschoolers that consist of the challenge of connecting the numbers in sequence. When you succeed in connecting all the dots, the outline is enjoyably transformed into a colored graphic.

★★ Greater Smaller ★★
Sea Saw is one of the favorite rides all children like to take. The kids have to click on the number greater or smaller as mentioned in the question and the sea saw will move accordingly on providing the correct answer.

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