College Football National Championship Game Highlight Commentary (Alabama vs Georgia)


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24 thoughts on “College Football National Championship Game Highlight Commentary (Alabama vs Georgia)

  1. While I wanted UGA to win, I predicted Alabama to win. So I am excited that I was almost right on the dot in my prediction of the score…but not HOW they scored!!! I called the game to be 24-21 – Alabama. So very close, but like he did to everyone else, Nick Seban proved why he is the greatest college football coach ever! UGA created a strategy to beat the Alabama team that everyone had seen all season. It worked…at first. 13-0 after the 1st Half (I predicted that Alabama would be up on UGA by a small margin by the half)). I definitely didn't see a 20-10 UGA lead after the 3rd. Then, OT!?!? Of course, UGA fans have a ton of excuses they could use. But the fact is, Nick Seban is a genius. I've trained several boxers, and I've been coached in baseball, football, basketball, boxing and other martial arts. One of the most important things a coach must do is learn the players, and know what makes them tick. Seban probably was in this kid's ears all year, telling him that he may be called on to do something like this, giving him the confidence he needed to play in this game, this well (not that he played that great, but he simply played fresh against a wore out defense). But either way, it fell into play for them. UGA's defense was too beat up to even tackle him. And, one of the TD passes wasn't even intended for the guy who caught it. But again, it fell into play for them. What a game! Maybe Big 10 Refs don't need to be reffing SEC games. But again, Nick Seban made the switch, and UGA's defense couldn't keep up. The Master beats Grasshopper!!!

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