Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights / Jan 28 / 2017-18 NBA Season


🏀Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights / Jan 28 / 2017-18 NBA Season

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34 thoughts on “Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights / Jan 28 / 2017-18 NBA Season

  1. My last stat point will be this. I keep hearing every time i watch Isiah Thomas wait until he gets back. Wait until he gets his legs and wait for this and that and all will be good. I will throw this stat out for debate. Which do we trust more. The 1 year Isiah Thomas averaged 28.9ppg or not counting this year the other 7 years Thomas played and if you look at just those years you get a 16.9ppg scorer over 7 seasons. So are we sure we are getting 28.9 guy back or might we just have to accept we may be getting closer to the 16.9 guy. True sports fans will know this name remember Brady Anderson hit 50 home runs 1 season the most he ever had in a season after 24 then 21 and never even 20 again. Anyone can have that 1 magical year

  2. Anyone who doesn't think "The Best Player on Planet Earth" has any of the blame to shoulder during this streak of games where the Cavaliers have looked terrible. Here is a telling stat to consider. I am posting this at halftime of the Miami game. Lebron James has 71 turnovers in the last 14.5 games. That is roughly 4.89 turnovers per game. As I was watching the first half of this game seeing these lazy terrible passes he has been making. I thought boy he has been making these terrible passes the last couple weeks. So I decided to do a little stat digging and came up with that stat.Also in that time frame he is 14/63 on 3 point attempts for a dismal 22.2 percent. So before ship Kevin Love to any team in the NBA or to Gilligan's Island or wherever is the answer all players and I mean all players need to take some advice from Michael Jackson I'm starting with the man in the mirror.

  3. Key pieces in the Cavs success will be guys like Swish and Korver… and Rose especially… Rose is always a threat just because of the sheer fact he just wants to play basketball, he's not under any pressure to perform and that's exactly what a guy like him needs to flourish after all the injuries… Rose will probably come up big for them in the playoffs if he's 100%, because he was always able to play well late in games.

  4. I see flashes of a team that can compete. C mon Tristan step your game up,get a signature move near the rim,a mid range jumper, and blocks.Damn! all that height with no skills.

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