Charlotte Hornets vs Utah Jazz – Full Game Highlights | February 9, 2018 | 2017-18 NBA Season


Charlotte Hornets vs Utah Jazz Feb February 9, 2018 2/9/2018. Full Game Highlights 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season Basketball

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20 thoughts on “Charlotte Hornets vs Utah Jazz – Full Game Highlights | February 9, 2018 | 2017-18 NBA Season

  1. Everytime i watched the highlights of hornet, i noticed Dwight very seldom to received the ball especially kemba not passing the ball to dwight. If dwight will utilize from post, pick n roll or ally hoops there a chance to enter in play off the team. I noticed also dwight had improvement his perimeter shooting.

  2. The only concerns I have right now for Dennis Lindsey is not about Sam Presti’s revitalized Thunder which beat the mighty Warriors at their home court by 20 points, and definitely not about Quin finally found the right pace for the team offensively, but really on the fact that how good can this Jazz team be, can they still go under the radar the rest of the season and instantly leap into the status of title contender? Here are some options as a barometer or milestones of some sort:
    A) could you beat the warriors by 30 or more at their home court ?
    B) could you revenge the ugly 37-point defeat by Rockets and hand them a handsome 50-point defeat ?
    C) could you be playing Georges Niang or Erik McCree more than 3 minutes of garbage time ? If you can play them like the warriors play Patrick McCaw, your team is not just good but great! These two players are NBA-ready players. I felt that they are much better than Nate Wolters and Griffin!
    D) Could you package some of your good players and trade for a superstar like CP3 Houston just pulled in for?
    This Jazz team is legit when you see Dante starting and JC99 playing good rotational minutes along with a more developed Alec Burks fuming like Lou Williams did this past couple seasons!!
    I hope they can have a win streak of 17 games or more and officially move into the 4th seed this season. That’ll take a lot of gut and determinations from everybody, and definitely NOT just Rubio making 50% of his shots night in night out! 😀

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