Cavaliers Players React To LeBron James’ 46 Points vs Celtics In Game 6 & Forcing A Game 7


► Cavaliers Players React To LeBron James’ 46 Points vs Celtics In Game 6 & Forcing A Game 7. Celtics @ Cavaliers game 6 postgame interviews. NBA Playoffs.

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42 thoughts on “Cavaliers Players React To LeBron James’ 46 Points vs Celtics In Game 6 & Forcing A Game 7

  1. Nance seems like such a “regular guy”, like someone pulled him from a pick up game and asked if he wanted to play in the NBA and he’s just along for the ride.

  2. Lebron dropping 35-48 in game 7. I think Jeff green will get hot to. Some one else on the Cavs got to get in double digits I think it’s going to be korver and nance. Maybe J.r and Jordan clarkson

  3. Bet 90 percent that say he is better than MJ are under 25 and didnt watch Mike play. Lebron is a beast and for me top 3 all day, but MJ? Cmon, MJ, Kobe, LeBron. But he isn't done yet so can't talk any bad about him

  4. The rest of the Cavs seem to want to go find a hole to hide in when the pressure thrives, either young and green, or old and tired his teammates are the worst year after year than all the stars in the nba who can claim worst? Even with Wade, Old worn out!, Thomas, injured and mouthey lockeroom cancer, K Love, injury prone, charman soft, after big contract! Thristan, Kardashian’s curse, JR. What?ghostman

  5. Jordan the GOAT yall kids are clowns. If Kyrie not even Hayward, just Kyrie if he was playing this series would be over already. Lebron is overrated hes being defended by a rookie smdh JORDAN THE GOAT FOR LIFE

  6. 40 shot attempts, plus about 10 free throws, and everyone goes crazy. He's just padding his stats. The only impressive thing was his three pointers at the end of the game, but even Rozier was shooting better from the three point line.

  7. Labron james is a fraud. And he knows it. A very good player. But a fraud as a great player. If jordan had been a loser he could have used the excuse that it was my inferior teamates. Instead he made his teamates better. Does lbj really make his team better.. No. In reality he sucks the air out the room so the glory will be his. In 15 years no decent teamates besides miam? . Padding stats.

  8. When it's all said and done. LeBron will not only be the leader in scoring in the Playoffs but all so the regular season if he plays 5 more years and he isn't even a pure scorer like the other guys on the list.

  9. These guys better give it there all because they may never get an opportunity to go through the playoffs like this again if bron leaves them or if they get traded. Let alone the conference or Nba finals.

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