Prepare to drop some knowledge next time you visit the carnival.
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0:21- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday –
0:53- Carnival Song written special by Andrew Applepie-
3:40- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
10:00- Q- Blue Wednesday –
11:13- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: I collected data at the carnival for a full day. Then I used that information to figure out which games are the biggest scams using science to analyze them and show you how to beat them. I also figured out how much the carnival actually pays for the prizes so even if you win, you lose. And then I visited the carnival with my professional baseball playing buddy to dominate all the games. It worked well.



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24 thoughts on “CARNIVAL SCAM SCIENCE- and how to win

  1. This video has been snowballing in my head for the past year. I'm so pumped to finally get it out. It's a great reminder of how we interact with physics every second of the day in 1,000 different ways.

  2. The carnival is like a casino, the house is meant to profit more than you, then again you forget that it's about the experience as well, having a good time with your friends or girlfriend, so using 4 bucks on a silly game mean nothing in comparison to the laughs you'll get with each other. ^^

  3. I used to work one and to be honest you have to really be dishonest to work a carnival and I say that because realistically you're ripping people off and they don't even know it yet for me I worked at Pleasure Island Amusement in North Carolina and my boss was more about people winning than he was about you know losing so he was cool when I kind of gave people the idea how to do it after they spent like about five bucks

    I mean the prizes we had were like they said on this video you know $0.45 is $6

    But the bigger carnivals don't want you to tell the customer how to win because then well if you're fired so you pretty much have to be a dishonest jerk and honestly it's not that hard to do that because you get people and they're running their mouth they can they're the badass and they can they can do it in reality fake hands it's impossible.

    Those are the kind of people that I like messing with because well they ran her mouth too much you know and they're the kind of people I enjoyed seeing lose because they thought they knew it all and they had no clue what we were doing.

    Now the game ran was the dart game and to be honest the balloons were moving so you can never really hit the balloons with the dart.

    So what was the secret us it's very simple wait until the balloon stops moving every balloon will move in 5 Second intervals if you wait after 5 Seconds you're going to hit it.

  4. At a carnival last year while queueing up for a ride, I noticed that the actual hoop for the basketball game was an oval, meaning the hole itself was really narrow but didn't look it from the front

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