Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia Sixers – Full Game Highlights | Jan 11, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18


Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers – Full Game Highlights | January 11, 1/11, NBA London Game 2018

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28 thoughts on “Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia Sixers – Full Game Highlights | Jan 11, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

  1. kyrie and jj redick said the one rim was crooked celtics had it first half sixers second thats why celtics got off to bad start and sixers couldnt score second half game should not count they should play over it was on news

  2. Lupet ng laro ng Celtics. Tinitignan muna nila ang laro ng kalaban nila tapos pag nakuha na nila ang weak spot, dun nila tinitira at pinag butihan lalo ang depensa. Lupet tlga 👍🙂✌️🏀

  3. I don't know what the hell this Celtics team has to do for people to stop saying tje east is the Cavs conference when and if Cleveland figures it out on the defensive end. The Celtics blew Cleveland out last week, only lost to them by 3 on opening night which was the first sign of how much balls and toughness this team has to nearly win that game after Haywards brutal injury. Tjey have beaten every single fucking good team in the NBA, Golden State, Houston after being down 26, Minnesotta, Cleveland, Toronto without Kyrie, The spurs and OKC. And some of those wins against great teams Kyrie didn't play well. This team is balanced and play terrific defense to go along with great offensive ball movement. This team is the real fuckin deal and you know Ainge is gonna add at the deadline with the DPE injury exception money they got for Hayward

  4. I was a great nba player and a two time all star. I can’t say my name becuase i work for TNT now. I used to beat the players up on the opposing team. That’s what we did in those days. I’ll be honest: i sh%t on antoine walker once. He was throwin’ boes all night so I caught hin in a dogpile, hung ass and sh-t right on his dome. NBC didn’t cover it but i did. I covered antoine walker’s head with the mud of an @ss. It was a beautiful night for the NBA and for humanity. I only wish I had managed to do it to Carl Malone or vlade divacs.

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