Bears vs. Vikings | NFL Week 17 Game Highlights


The Chicago Bears take on the Minnesota Vikings in Week 17 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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47 thoughts on “Bears vs. Vikings | NFL Week 17 Game Highlights

  1. Still have no idea why the Vikings didn't use Murray during goal line situations against the Lions at home. You don't pay a guy $5m a year to have him sit on the bench. Probably would have won that game…

  2. I really think this offense was on cruise control, this was obviously not what they would play like in the post season; nor would I want them to go 100% against a team like the Bears with so much left to play. Anyone agree? Or are you still so worried how they're producing?

  3. The Vikings are so overrated 😂😂it’s ridiculous and all you Vikings fans can gladly come back to this comment if y’all win it all and I will apologize but I don’t see that happening y’all are just not a great team you’re AVERAGE and you Viking fans are getting to cocky but I guarantee when y’all lose it’s going to be nothing but gg’s like y’all weren’t bad mouthing every team in the playoffs

  4. Let the tournament begin! Looks like our first opponent will be the Rams. I remember how nervous I was about facing them back in week 11, and how awesome that win felt. Still feel the Rams and Saints are the most dangerous teams we could face. But our defense is sooo friggin GREAT! Rest up, Vikes. The best is yet to come. GO VIKINGS!!!!!

  5. This win was uglier than it should have been. Still, I am really happy to see us get that first round bye week on our own merits(as opposed to depending on one of the other teams to do it for us).

  6. Although their offense and penalties need work and that could come back to bite them, their defense is lights out and I still love the plays that the offense has made this season. If the kicker would have punted farther, there wasn't a hole, and if Forbath would have made that field goal the score could've easily been 26 to 3. Vikings are clearly the better team and worthy of the NFC North this year, but I'll admit the Bears defense is still pretty decent looking too and I'm not surprised the score ended up like this. Before the game even started I predicted the score to be 27 to 10 and I see I was very close.

  7. This was a very winnable game for Chicago. They got to the goal line twice, if they converted, that would have the Bears leading 24-23. The future is bright in Chicago. Better play-callers and a more talented and better depth. Go Bears ​

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