Arin’s Scrapped Game: Puzzmosis – Game Grump


Take a look at an old game Arin worked on many years ago. Neat!
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33 thoughts on “Arin’s Scrapped Game: Puzzmosis – Game Grump

  1. a cool boss for this game would be one where they like, switch all your pieces and fuck up your combos.

    even if i get why it was scrapped, i feel like the error in this game would have been like, fixable. i'm sure if they thought more on it then they could remedy the situation and ramp up the difficulty.

    oh well. it was super interesting to see arin's stuff, instead of just hearing him talk over video games (not that it isn't awesome already). i love this series 😀

  2. This is such a cute game idea! Not only does it look fun, it's so super cute. I've always really loved your style Arin. You have always been one of my inspirations for art (if only I worked more at it). Ross has too, and I really wish doodle doods would come back so I could get help with inspiration and motivation to draw. I've been having a hard time with those for a while due to my own personal and mental problems, but those videos really did help. You've also been part of my inspiration on starting my own Youtube channel, but college is currently in the way of that so that'll be on pause, but I would really like to do it. Keep on doing what you love Arin, and keep being a great inspiration to so many artists and animators out there.

  3. It looks good to me, I really like it. I know its hard to return to a project you feel was failed, but I think it put a spin in the puzzles in a good way. Maybe not the way you wanted but it is a different style that would be fun to play.

  4. Whoa…Arin this game is beautiful! I love the art style, the gameplay, and just EVERYTHING! It's so smooth and greatly put together! You have such wonderful ideas, and it's fantastic seeing them come to life like this!

  5. Or maybe like my last suggestion, have the grid filled but have a set ammount of turns to move peices around to either attack, heal, charge special etc. Then after you go, your opponent has their set of turns, like a battle focused game

  6. Could this possibly be remade in a way thats similar to Puzzles and dragons? Where instead of the pieces dropping down with a catalyst on the bottom, the whole grid is already filled and youd have to move the pieces around to set up combos that would do damage to pathogens and bosses depending in the corresponding color

  7. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine!

    I think it'd be great for them to play; Arin loves puzzle games against bosses with personality, we love watching Arin rage at Sonic games – it's perfect!

  8. Arin I must say…this was interesting and probably some of the best content you have produced since 2013. Too bad you cashed all your chips in for Game Grumps, I think you had something here and should have pursued developing a game. Oh well. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. I think what ended up happening was that Arin being more of an artist did not have the skill set to tinker with the game mechanics a lot on is own and might have shy away from pestering his programmer too much (Thought it's pretty much how Mario 64 was developed). I worked on a puzzle game as a personal project before and I would say there at least 8 versions of the main mechanics.

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