39 KILL SQUADS GAME! – Fortnite Battle Royale


We play Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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42 thoughts on “39 KILL SQUADS GAME! – Fortnite Battle Royale

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  2. Pro tip for these long streams: change the speed to 1.25x. You can still understand clearly what they're saying and you finish it 1.25x faster! Therefore you'd finish a 4-hour stream in 3 hours and 12 minutes!

  3. Also seen a lot of people spamming to play with Simon/Sidemen instead of the Flamingo Squad and calling Vik a snake or traitor. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Vik start playing this game way earlier than the rest of the sidemen and already got a squad with these guys before the others got addicted, too…? Might be wrong, not sure. But ditching your squad just because your other friends are now available would be rude imo. Plus, he also might enjoy playing with different people from time to time, all his other videos are with the other sidemen.

  4. Please get some mods for your streams, it's actually painful looking at the chat 🙁 People are spamming, being rude or spreading hate, spamming random questions over and over again and so on. Don't want to call it an achievement but I've personally never seen a stream chat worse than yours… How does everyone else manage to have like ten mods and you have none?!? (Ok, occasionally I see one mod in stream for a while, but that's not enough.) Reading chat and maybe talking once in a while is what makes people tune in for livestreams, otherwise you could just watch a video. But in your streams the best you can do is avoid looking at the chat for your own sanity. Please get some more mods man 🙁

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