2014 FIRST Game Animation – Aerial Assist


Animation describing the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition game, Aerial Assist. Robots assist each other to move 24-inch game balls down the field and into low or high goals to score. The more the robots assist each other, the higher their bonus points will be. This animation was first shown at the 2014 season FRC kick-off broadcast in January, 2014. Final production version.

34 thoughts on “2014 FIRST Game Animation – Aerial Assist

  1. This was my favorite game and this was my final competition season with 314 Big Mo and it was a very good year we won our State Championship with the #3 alliance and were partnered with 33 Killer Bees and 27 Rush. That was a win i'll never forget

  2. We just finished up our regional competition in Windsor, ON. Canada. Our team is 4922, The Tartans, and we finished in last place but we're a rookie team so we learned a lot and we had lots of fun over the last few days. Our robot was mainly defensive but we did have fork lifts that used a toilet plunger like the one in the video to pick balls up 😛

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